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We welcome you to celebrate a GreatHouse.

Founded in February, 1989. With over 40 years of experience, we pride ourselves on quality, craftsmanship and delivery.  Just ask our previous clients or see for yourself.

Mission of GreatHouse:

Throw that dinner party. Host your family for Christmas.  Have your neighbors over for the big game.  Keep your porch light on ALL night.  Feel comfortable, be proud and live in a GreatHouse!


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Featured Section

Tops Louisville: March 2017 Decadent & Daring 

COme Taste the Wine

The couple overhauled this neglected old house, board by board, wire by wire and pipe by pipe. Why? So they could have their vineyard. By Steve Kaufman 

The realtor said, "I found this piece of property, but it's in really bad shape"...
...And so they plunged, into a year of clearing the grounds, stripping the skin off the house and rewiring and re-plumbing, pulling up the wood floor, and renovating the kitchen and all the bathrooms (a work that's still in progress)....
"We've probably added another hundred years to the life of this house." said the homeowner

Read more of the story online or check out Historical Renovation for more pictures and other completed projects. 


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